The outcome was a composite well-being construct designed for Canadian Veterans and their families. Strategic outcomes were identified to support transition services, policies and programming. Veterans receive the right support for all of their needs–this continues as their lives evolve. The Pain and Suffering Compensation is available to members and Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces who have a disability caused by a service-related illness and/or injury.

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This service offers the automatic deposit of monthly pensions to your financial institution. At the time of making your option, you will be required to complete Part 2 – Banking Information of the Pension Benefit Options Statement form (CF-FC2011E-PF) and to enclose a void cheque. It is important to note that if you again become a member in either of the CAF Pension Plans, your pension entitlement may be negatively affected in several ways.

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  • CAF numbers may be assigned to an individual or a business entity.
  • In order to join the Canadian military you need to be a citizen.
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In March 2020 I received an email from the AJ that her decision for me was favorable and she would send the information over to PSAB for a final determination. It is now the end of July and I have not heard a thing and the clearance status is still “revoked awaiting final decision from Army PSAB”. Upon seperation 4 months ago from the military, I had clearance and had a job offer upon leaving with military contractor outside of the US. I was let go 6 weeks showing my clearance was suspended by the military and they never sent the proper paperwork back through so JPAS still shows my suspension yet CAF. Now I’m stuck overseas with my family, no income because of a slip up with military paperwork. How do I go about getting the military paperwork corrected and fast.

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I don’t believe there is a set time for a company or gov’t organization to submit you for a clearance. I have heard that over time, there is a better chance that you can have your clearance re-instated. I was given the advice to start for a Secret Clearance, then work your way up from there. I was also told to try for a job in the military reserves or government, as they are more likely to push your clearance through.