Double-click the function to jump to its address in the disassembly Window. "Ida View-A" should now show the disassembly of the function. This is one of those cases where we can speed up our workflow because you’re focusing on some specific part of an app.

  • After that, you need to connect the dots before they can become lava.
  • The backgrounds in this game are literal real-world dioramas photographed from multiple angles so your characters are running around on real dirt on real surfaces.
  • For most of the games, NoxPlayer will recommend an official keyboard, users can choose to use the keyboard or customize your own keyboard.
  • But hey, remember, don’t do anything you are not allowed to.
  • Identify where the code should be patched in the temporary file and implement the changes.

Unlike games like Super Mario Run, Rayman doesn’t focus on you perfecting each level, but instead pushes the player to find secrets, much like a traditional Rayman game. It’s a ton of fun, especially if you’re a fan of collectables in video games, though the special “Seeker” power-ups make finding those trinkets and Incrediballs a little too easy. If Rayman falls short in one major way, it’s the limitations imposed on free players. Though earlier Rayman mobile titles were available for a flat price, Ubisoft switched to a free-to-play mechanic for Adventures. Old School RuneScapewas launched in 2013, right around the time Jagex relaunchedRuneScapeinto a third version of the game with improved graphics. Unsurprisingly,Old School RuneScapehas become the dominant version of the game, being played more often than the normal version of the application. Based off an August 2007 build found on a hard-drive, there’s plenty to love here—and now that you can take the experience on the go, it’s even easier to recommend for new and old players alike.


The GRID Autosport is a combination of beautiful cars and appealing circuits. Become a pro-racer by playing this game that presents you with 100 circuits and 100 cars to choose from. The controls are pretty simple and you can opt for gamepad control. You’ll need to watch out for enemies as your character goes on a freefall ride because if he lands on them, you lose a heart. You can shop for unique items that will help you fight the enemy and thanks to its minimalistic design and high-responsive controls, you’ll have a hassle-free time playing this game.

This process is beneficial to test your own custom Android game, or to install a game sent to you by a friend to the phone. Because you’re installing software, never ever download Android apps from unfamiliar repositories. You have no idea what lurks within these unverified “kits.” Hidden malware could infect your device refer to this site, steal your information, and possibly even seize your data for ransom. If you’re installing APK files that are pirated Quest games, your Oculus and Facebook account could be in jeopardy. The Terms of Service you agreed to states your account could be affected or even terminated if you install pirated games on your Quest. While most people aren’t looking to pirate, maybe you get an APK for a game you don’t realize is a paid app — and you install and use it.

Plug And Play

As you play and learn different skills, you will be able to craft 500+ various items, weapons, and armors. Another great title which offers tons of quests, battles, and items to craft.