This tutorial demonstrates the quickest way to make digital artwork. You have seen stylized photographs everywhere and ben’t realized how easy it’s to do this for yourselfYou will get 10 free images immediately to try this outIf that you want to become a stock contributor; You can also bring your own photos, illustrations and videos and create a little additional income. See info hereThis week, I’m going to show you the way you can jazz up photos using textures. Now, this is the quickest and the easiest way to make photographs look like works of art. You have seen this anywhere and be one simply didn’t understand how it was done or you didn’t realize how simple it is. I will share with you three unique appearances simply by adding textures inside of Photoshop and introduce different things with every example. Combining textures with photographs using Photoshop Blend modes (all version of Photoshop)The very first one we are going to do here is with a hippie woman with a guitar. Let’s add a little bit of a emotion and mood. (instance 1)Step 1: Parchment TexturePlace the feel over the picture. I’m dragging this feel in the Library panel on the document. (you may also open the texture as a new image and unite them as shown here. ) You are able to picture your personal favorites, or get How to Add Texture in Photoshop – Texture X them in various areas including Adobe StockStep 2Resize it to fit. Press Cmd/Ctrl+T for free transform, Hold down the Shift key and then drag from the corner. Measure 3: Different Blending modes for various looksNow, obviously, the feel is concealing the layer underneath. The best way to use these texture overlays is to simply utilize Blend Modes. There’s different kinds of Blend Modes . (a)These darken them(b ) )These lighten them(c ) ) those perform together with all the midtones (50% grey ). And that I have a far more comprehensive training on Blend Modes on PhotoshopCAFE, in addition to a free eBook, so check that out. Let’s try a Multiply Blend Mode. All I’ve done is apply this Blend Mode and it’s given us this grungy impact. Try a Colour Burn and you can see it gives us a different flavorThere are additional Blend Modes which generally get the job done, but those which work best are Multiply, Screen and Overlay. Those three are likely to be your best friends. Let us take a look at Overlay. It creates an entirely different effect. Take a Look at Screen. It’s just going to kind of lighten this up a little bit. Sometimes, you play with the opacity and fall that down a little bit and it sort of gives us a bac- lit kind of a look there